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As an independent service provider for market and opinion research with many years of experience in the field of survey research, we offer you customised solutions and focus entirely on your needs. Our services range from pure sampling, through assistance with individual project phases, to full service for your market or opinion research study.

Setup of your survey

We programme the questionnaire, deliver the sample and assist you from the first step.

Real-time analyses

Immediately after the field start, the results are available in your access in the dashboard.

Evaluation of the data

We deliver data in SPSS or, on request, additionally in tabular form in Excel with desired header groups.


Test concepts and designs,
measure brand awareness,
query associations.

Determine brand perception and its strength

What is the impact of a brand on customers? What is their view of certain products and services? And how does the perception of your brand compare to that of your competitors?

Brand perception significantly influences consumers in their purchase decision. Therefore, compare the strength, perception and position of your brand with selected competitor brands.

In this way, you can identify strengths and weaknesses as well as possible market gaps and the effects of your advertising on sympathy and purchase incentives.

Advertising media and their advertising forms

Do your advertising media attract enough attention? Do they convey the desired message? Which channels and at which times can the target group be reached?

In order to reliably test the effect of an advertising medium on the brand image, there are different possibilities and approaches. Differences in the before and after comparison can show a clear advertising effect, as can split target groups with different advertising media/forms.

Feel free to ask us about our question tools.

Implementing concept tests successfully

Concept testing is the process of evaluating an idea by the desired target audience before the product/ logo/ packaging is launched to the general public. The process should cover everything from the concept to the advertising campaign(s).

The questionnaire is then followed by individual questions on the understanding of the product, as well as the credibility or uniqueness of the offer. The answers from the target group will later help with both product optimisation and later positioning on the market in terms of USPs and marketing communication.

Easily determine customer satisfaction

With the right survey tool, customer satisfaction can be determined regularly with little effort, low cost and high efficiency.

Measuring customer satisfaction through an online questionnaire is one of the best methods: Customer data can be processed automatically and obtaining information is conveniently achieved through very low costs. And through our reporting tool, results are available in real time.

We are happy to help you, whether as a full service or sample only.

Targeting core target groups

Products must be oriented towards the expectations and interests of the user. Only in this way can it successfully establish and maintain itself on the market in the long term. Is the desired target group being addressed at all?

Reasons for failure in the market are usually a lack of understanding of one’s own target group and the resulting failure to address customers. Those who include their target group in product development at an early stage develop more successful products.

Implement student surveys quickly

We can help you with your Master’s or Bachelor’s thesis, whether all full-service or as a provider for pure sampling. We help you implement your study and advise you every step of the way. We work with all survey software providers and always have cheaper CPI for students.

Your survey is created in a few simple steps, simple questionnaires are quickly programmed. Send the survey to email addresses, share it on social networks or invite specific target groups through us. We are happy to help you.

No matter what concept you need help with, we will guide you competently through every step of your study and ensure that it is carried out professionally. If you are looking for sampling for your dissertations, we can do this quickly and unbureaucratically.