What exactly is LoopsterPanel?

LoopsterPanel is a survey portal from Hamburg in Germany for participation in market research studies. As a member, you will receive invitations to take part in paid online surveys on a wide range of topics, which you can take part in conveniently on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. These are mostly online surveys, but also telephone interviews, participation in moderated forums / blogs, product tests or test purchases. But you will always be asked before!


  • Registration and participation are free of charge.
  • Per survey you will receive between 0.20 – 3.50 EUR (depending on length and size).
  • Every participation in a survey is always voluntary – you have no obligation.
  • Your answers will only be anonymized or used statistically.
  • Your personal data will not be disclosed.

Absolutely non-binding participation

Your membership in LoopsterPanel is free and non-binding and can be cancelled by you at any time. All information provided by the members will be treated by us according to the strict rules of the Federal Data Protection Act and the Basic Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). Register right here and take part in your first online survey.

Quick registration

Registering with LoopsterPanel is quick and easy. All you have to do is fill out a short registration form and activate your account using your email address. Once you are a member, invitations to participate in surveys will be sent to your email address. On your profile page you also have the opportunity to tell us more about yourself by filling out the questionnaires. These are also voluntary and do not have to be filled in to receive surveys from us. You will only receive more surveys the more you tell us about yourself. With some surveys we already look who is eligible for certain surveys. And this happens then also over these profile data.

Easy to join in

As a participant, you will receive invitations to studies, in which you can then participate voluntarily, depending on your time and desire. You will have several days to participate in a survey, for most of them you should hurry up, because in the case of quotes no further interviews in certain sub-groups (e.g. men 30-39 years old) are needed after reaching the completes.

Request premiums quickly

As a reward, you will be credited with an amount of money after each study, which is determined by the type and length of the survey, but also by the participant profile and can be transferred via PayPal. Alternatively, you can request rewards in the form of Amazon vouchers. If you want to use Paypal, you need to register with LoopsterPanel using the same email address you have an account with. When redeeming your credit via Paypal, the email address you used to register with LoopsterPanel will be used automatically. And both can take a few working days.

Also use our App

Almost all our surveys are suitable for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. They can be filled out comfortably on the road. With our app you even have the possibility to switch between the surveys at the beginning and to determine the order of the surveys yourself. Just give it a try.

Become a member of the LoopsterPanel community

Start with the first surveys immediately after registration and earn money online with the first credit. All of course voluntarily and without any commitment. For your opinion you do not receive any points but money, which you can get from a sum of 10 EUR in the form of vouchers or via Paypal.


So what are you waiting for? We are looking forward to you!