How much is the remuneration and how does the payment work?


    • For each survey in which you have fully participated, the compensation in Euro / Pound will be credited to your member account. The value of the participation depends on the time spent on the respective survey. In each invitation email to the surveys, we will tell you the estimated time in minutes that the survey will take and the amount in Euro / Pound that will be credited to your account if you complete the survey.


    • It may be natural that in some surveys we look for people who have to show certain characteristics. Many characteristics, such as the number of people in the household or the amount of income, we know from your profile. But we can’t ask for everything and therefore we have to ask for certain characteristics from time to time in a survey. If you do not belong to the desired group of people, the survey will be terminated and you will receive fewer points than announced in the email.


    • The amount for answering a survey will be credited to your account immediately after the survey. You can check the status of your compensation at any time in your personal area.



      • The payout is possible at LoopsterPanel via PayPal or in form of vouchers. We consider PayPal to be the safest option, because your bank account details remain secret. At LoopsterPanel, payout for online surveys is possible via Paypal or in the form of Amazon vouchers from an amount of 10 Euro / Pound.

Amazon voucher

If you have reached a balance of 10 EUR through our surveys, you can exchange it for a voucher from Amazon. The delivery after the order usually takes no longer than 48 hours.

And it is that easy to redeem the shopping voucher:

  1. Visit Amazon at ( or etc.).
  2. Pick your favourite article: The search engines of Amazon will lead you to the products. Put the items in your shopping cart and click on “Go to checkout”.
  3. The team of LoopsterPanel wishes you a lot of fun while shopping at Amazon.


With PayPal, any company or private customer with an email address can send and receive money online securely and conveniently. You only need a valid email address. You can register here: If you already have a Paypal account with a different email address than the one you have entered here, you have the possibility to add this email address to your Paypal account.