Own access panels in eight countries, fast and precise implementation of your studies through direct partnerships in an international network.

With its own panels in the DACH region since 2018 and in eight other European countries since 2020, LoopsterPanel is one of the up-and-coming access panel providers in Germany. In addition to the panels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, further panels are operated in the UK, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Norway, Australia and Sweden, which we regularly survey as part of market research studies on various topics.

60.000 Survey participants

12.000 Survey participants

10.000 Survey participants

60.000 Survey participants

70.000 Survey participants

75.000 Survey participants

50.000 Survey participants

6.000 Survey participants

90.000 Survey participants

18.000 Survey participants

21.000 Survey participants

For more extensive studies, also outside the European economic area, we provide more than 135 million networked survey participants in more than 130 other countries via our international partner network. We can target specific, hard-to-reach target groups across countries with over 250 selection criteria, including regionally restricted target groups such as B2B decision-makers, patients, etc.


Our innovative solutions, complete in-house implementation of your studies and permanent monitoring of the panel's condition


We guarantee the quality and heterogeneity of our panels through broad and reputable recruitment channels, double opt-in registration, identity assurance, screenings, panel cleanings and satisfaction surveys. Our panels always remain responsive and of high quality due to our constant and elaborate panel cleaning.

We will accompany you through all stages of a market research study: We programme and host the questionnaire, conduct the survey in the respective target group and deliver raw data or prepare the data in Excel as a spreadsheet. We are happy to create our own survey template for your survey.

If only participants are needed for an already programmed survey, we are also available for pure sampling, i.e. you have a ready-programmed online questionnaire and we send the desired target group to the questionnaire.

Our full range of services includes all relevant steps for conducting online market research. Through our in-house solution, we guarantee a quick implementation for ad-hoc studies at short notice, as well as cost-effective projects for e.g. universities/students.

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Brand strength and brand perception

What is the impact of a brand on customers? What is their view of certain products and services? And how does this perception compare to the competition?

Compare brand strength, perception and position of your brand with selected competitor brands and thus identify strengths and weaknesses of your brand as well as possible market gaps and the impact of your advertising on sympathy and purchase incentives.

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Advertising media and forms of advertising

Do your advertising media attract enough attention? Do they convey the desired message? Which channels and at which times can the target group be reached?

In order to reliably test the effect of an advertising medium on the brand image, there are different possibilities and approaches. Differences in the before and after comparison can show a clear advertising effect, as can split target groups with different advertising media/forms.

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Choosing the right customer approach

Products must be oriented towards the expectations and interests of the user. Only in this way can it successfully establish and maintain itself on the market in the long term. Is the desired target group being addressed at all?

Reasons for failure in the market are usually a lack of understanding of one’s own target group and a resulting failed customer approach. Those who include their target group in product development at an early stage develop more successful products.