Test concepts and designs, measure brand awareness or query associations. We provide you with the desired target group.

Survey software or survey tools play an increasingly important role for private users, universities and for smaller agencies, and the market has changed a lot in recent years. Also thanks to the now already broad mass of providers for survey software, users can target their own needs and budget constraints. And while in the last 20 years it was market research institutes that implemented online studies entirely for clients, the development in online studies, Master’s/Bachelor’s theses or employee evaluations, as in many other areas, went in the direction of Do-It-Youself (DIY).

Since the beginning, LoopsterPanel has been working with the survey software from Ingress from Hamburg and can look back on 15 years of experience with this survey software. The conception and programming of the questionnaire is just as much part of our range of services as the evaluation and tabulation of the results. In the case of external questionnaires, we are of course available with our panels as pure sampling, in which case implementation can take place within a very short time.

It works as simple as this

Creating a questionnaire

The use of questionnaires has long been a common standard of data collection in market and opinion research as well as in university research contexts.

However, when developing the questionnaire, professional know-how and adherence to qualitative standards are of crucial importance, and some basic rules of conception must be observed when constructing the questionnaire.

Starting with the conception of the questionnaire, we will be happy to help you with the implementation of your study and provide support and advice until its completion. A questionnaire programmed with an external survey software (SoSci Survey, Unipark, Survio etc.) can be addressed and integrated by LoopsterPanel without any problems.



Instant responses of the highest quality


Benefit from the quality and heterogeneity of our panels, which we guarantee through broad and reputable recruitment channels, double opt-in registration, identity assurance, screening, panel cleaning and satisfaction surveys. Our panels always remain responsive and of high quality due to our constant and elaborate panel cleaning.

Compile your desired target group from hundreds of characteristics and avoid unnecessary screenouts at the beginning of the survey.

At the beginning of the survey, immediate push messages provide the first responses right after the field start, and by activating the optimiser and our quota control, continuous interviews can be implemented without any problems until the end of the field time.

Real-time results

You can view, track and analyse the results of your study immediately after launch and at any time thereafter in the dashboard.

With just a few clicks, you can filter the results by socio-demographics, device type or specific days and cross-compare the response behaviour of certain questions. We are happy to create individual reports according to your ideas and wishes.

After completion of the study, a cleaned and processed data set is available to you in SPSS/CSV. And as a full-service institute, we naturally also offer a statistical evaluation in tabular form, whereby a standard evaluation incl. 12 head groups is always included in the price.


Field service and data collection

You would like to conduct a professional market research or opinion poll study or are looking for a sampling of your dissertations? Whether as a full service or during individual project phases, as an independent service provider for market research and opinion polling with many years of experience in the field of survey research, programming and evaluation, we will competently accompany you in the implementation of your study. From the development of the survey content to the statistical evaluation of the results.

Specifically, we can support you with our expertise in the following activities, among others:

  • Conception of questionnaire content / questionnaire design
  • Creation of your survey in corporate design if desired
  • You receive survey participants of the highest quality
  • You pay per minute – perfect for dissertations and master theses
  • Simple, fast and reliable- Support and control of the field phase 24/7
  • Data cleaning and data preparation
  • Statistical evaluation and preparation of the results in the form of table volumes

With our online access panel and direct partner networks worldwide, you will receive high-quality responses from consumers or professionals. We are happy to help you with the implementation of your studies, regardless of the survey software used, and always guarantee responsive and high-quality responses in all of our panels through our constant and elaborate panel cleaning.

We look forward to the next joint project with you.

Do you need more than 1000 survey participants per week or do you have a complex tracking study? Please feel free to ask us. Thanks to our direct and worldwide partner network, we can access over 135 million networked survey participants immediately and without detours.

Our data quality standards

Guaranteed by our tools, mechanisms and routines we guarantee real answers

Early fraud detection

Digital fingerprinting (incl. IP address, browser cookies, geo-IP) from recruitment onwards

Ongoing quality inspection

Various ongoing quality assurance mechanisms for profile details and survey data.

Constant panel control

Automated controls of the response behaviour guarantee an always responsive panel

Guaranteed data cleansing

Quality check of the answers (times, statements) manually and through integrated tools

Survey software and its tools

Survey Software

In addition to the costs that are eliminated for questionnaire programming, there are now also other advantages that can speak for the use of external software. For example, many providers of survey software already offer various templates, as well as a number of question types such as matrix questions, sliders or scaled queries. Freely programmable filters and randomised answers can be easily set and are no longer reasons to have a questionnaire programmed externally.

In addition to high-quality quantitative and qualitative full-service market research, LoopsterPanel also offers substantial, lower-cost services such as pure sampling. Thanks to our in-house solutions and direct partnerships, we can guarantee not only fast implementation within a few minutes, but also cost-effective projects.

This is why LoopsterPanel also offers pure sampling in addition to full service, because we believe that universities, students and start-ups in particular deserve special promotional opportunities. The survey software you use (SoSci Survey, Unipark, Survio, SurveyMonkey, LimeService etc.) is irrelevant to us for the implementation, as the connection to external panels is a common feature with all major survey software providers and we already have experience with all major survey software providers.