What exactly is market research?

Market research is a subfield of marketing research.

Market research and marketing research have the same object of investigation if they refer to sales markets. While marketing research also collects and processes information relevant to marketing within the company, market research can also relate to other markets, e.g. procurement markets. Market research is the systematic investigation of a specific sub-market (the meeting of supply and demand), including the recording of the needs of all parties involved, primarily using external sources of information.

Market researchers are interested in opinions, but not in being able to assign the opinions expressed to individual persons. Market and social research data may only be evaluated in such a way that no conclusions can be drawn about individual persons interviewed.

Personal data will not be passed on under any circumstances!

Why market research is so important

Market research brings consumers and companies together. And you as a consumer can contribute your ideas, say what you want from a product, what you like or dislike. Companies can use this information to work on developing and improving products according to your specifications.

On the other side are the producing companies. They too join the ranks of the time. They have the tinkerers and also the materials in their “cellars”. Often they even have ideas for products, but don’t know whether these ideas will also appeal to us consumers.

One approach is to ask consumers or customers online in surveys. Other possibilities are product tests, group discussions, mystery shopping, telephone interviews and blogs. Often it is also a combination of several areas of market research.

Therefore: Help us to make the products you buy tomorrow better today. Tell us your opinion!



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